Phoenix Commercial Audio/Visual


Professional Sound

Professional sound systems are typically used in churches, auditoriums, theaters, and public venues. In some circumstances they are also integrated with Presentation systems. Pro sound systems typically consist of various types of microphones, audio sources, speakers, amplifiers, mixers and equalizers. Utilizing this equipment audio is reproduced in a clear and intelligable manner as close to the actual source of the audio as possible. As their application is typically in large environments the speakers and amplifiers are of a higher quality and size and are capable of producing higher quality sound than a typical sound system.

Presentation Systems

There are two types of presentation systems. The first is typically referred to as a Boardroom presentation system. This system typically consists of a digital video projector and projection screen. This facilitates the projection of power point presentations from a lap top or PC. The system will also typically include a sound system with a wireless microphone to amplify the presentor’s speech. Occasionally the system can also include flat screen tv’s to provide multiple displays of different information simultaneously. This type of system can also be connected via the Internet to individuals who are unable to attend the actual presentation in person. The second type of presentation system is an entertainment presentation system. These systems are very similar to Boardroom systems. They typically include projectors, projection screens, flat screen tv’s and a sound system. The difference between the two is that this system is designed to present entertainment in bars and restaurants.



Intercom & Paging Systems

Intercom and paging systems have numerous applications. Schools, retail stores, prisons, private commercial offices, State offices, banks, stage productions, gas stations, etc. These systems provide both two way voice communication between a remote location and a central location as well as the ability to project dialogue, music and pre-recorded messages to all speakers and stations connected to the system. They are easily integrated with Fire Alarm systems, Nurse Call systems, Pro Sound systems and various other electronic systems. These systems can be hardwired, wireless or a combination of both.