Phoenix Life Safety Services


Nurse Call Systems

As Life Safety is one of our primary concerns Nurse Call is an integral part of the systems we service and install. Nurse Call systems provide notification to medical personnel of a patient in distress. These systems can range from very simple to extremely elaborate. The basic system we provide by Cornell is a hardwired system consisting of a push button call cord next to a patients bed and a pull type station in the patients bathroom. These devices create an audible and visual alarm at a nurses station indicating the need for assistance. This system can also provide two way communication from the nurses station to the room as well as trigger digital pagers and/or smart phones carried by the staff in the event they aren’t at the nurses station.

The more sophisticated PC systems are similar to the Cornell system but also provides the capability for the patients to wear a wireless pendant that will not only trigger the same types of alarms but will indicate the location of the patient in the event they are not in their room. Both systems can also be configured to log all calls, the time they are responded to and cleared as well as generate emails throughout an existing LAN network within the facility.

Wandering Patient Systems

This is another of our Life Safety systems. These systems are typically referred to as wanderguard systems. Wanderguard is actually a specific manufacturer of these systems that was the original and only provider of wandering patient systems many years ago. Since then numerous other systems have been developed. Currently the most prominent are Code Alert and Roam Alert. Most nursing care facilities utilize these systems to deter Alzheimers patients from wandering out of the facility. While we can service all the various types of wandering patient systems we are the only Stanley Roam Alert dealer in AZ. This system has proven to be more reliable detection of wandering patients than the latest Wanderguard and Code Alert systems. In addition, the Roam Alert system is easily integrated with the MyCall and Cornell nurse call systems.