Phoenix Security Systems & Installation

Security & Central Station

Security and Central Station(CS) monitoring systems are an integral part of asset protection and Life Safety. The Security system, similar to a Fire Alarm system indicates alarms and trouble conditions to an off site location. Both the Security system and means of the transmission of these signals to the CS can be wireless or hardwired. Some applications utilize standard phone lines for CS communication whereas higher security applications utilize wireless transmission. Security systems can be utilized to protect assets from theft and also provide Life Safety protection for duress and medical emergencies.

Video Surveillance(CCTV)

CCTV systems are primarily used for asset protection but also provide a certain level of Life safety. Digital video cameras are appropriately placed to prevent unauthorized access in certain areas, identify individuals entering secured areas or just to monitor activity in certain areas. These systems will typically utilize a digital recording medium to store the images captured by the cameras for future retrieval in the event of an occurrence outside of standard operating procedures. Properly installed CCTV systems are a significant benefit to Law Enforcement.



Card Access

Card access systems are one of the more sophisticated systems for egress control and asset protection. Your typical card access system utilizes either proximity cards, voice recognition, fingerprint recognition or even iris recognition. These systems protect unauthorized individuals from gaining access to restricted areas within a facility.