From the Beginning

I started this company 30 years ago as an Electronic Engineer.  At that time real components on circuit boards actually existed.  For those of you who don’t know what components are they consisted of resistors, diodes, capacitors, inductors, transistors and semiconductors.  Today, these devices are rare and few between.  I remember my first cell phone.  It came out about 2 years after I started the company and it was mounted to the floor of my truck with a telephone handset hanging on my dash like a CB microphone(Mic).  Anybody remember what a CB is?  In the past 30 years technology has changed dramatically.  Ever go out of town and forget to charge your cell phone, or even worse drop it in the toilet?  I’ll bet you couldn’t remember a single phone number to call and were totally lost.  I’ve been there and it’s amazing how reliant we have become on today’s technology.  The interesting thing is that this new technology has improved life safety, security and asset protection, communication, data processing, audio visual and presentation systems and so many of the systems we service that it becomes overwhelming at times.  I ensure our employees receive regular factory training to ensure current aptitude on the latest technology and always have.
Point. work your way to cell monitoring vs. phone lines.
The reason I mention the cellular improvements relates to the difference between a time lapse video recorder and digital video recorder or a flat screen TV and a projection TV or traditional phone line monitoring of numerous life safety, security and asset protection systems vs. cell phone/radio dialer monitoring.  The cell phone technology has been the greatest improvement I have seen in the past 30 years in these areas.  For those who don’t know a seasoned criminal will always sever any phone lines prior to an attack on the premise.  With cell dialers it takes an expert criminal to block the transmission of any alarms.  So, considering most of us only have cell phones why pay for monthly phone service to your home or business when you can pay less for a wireless communication system.

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