Residential Security, Professional Sound Systems and Theaters in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and Tempe

The services we provide for our residential customers are very similar to our commercial services but typically aren’t as complex.  A residential  intercom system may have up to 10 remote stations whereas a commercial intercom can consist of numerous remote stations.  Likewise a residential security system can have as many as 20-30 sensors; whereas a commercial security system may have several hundred sensors and also need to be integrated with a video surveillance system and/or card access system.  As another example home theatre is a type of audio/visual system but is typically associated with only one room and is used for entertainment.  Commercial audio/visual systems will typically be used more for business purposes and can be required to integrate with multiple locations within a facility.  Our high end residential customers also might require video surveillance systems of up to 30 cameras.  In contrast some of our commercial services may consist of hundreds of cameras.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality services for our residential customers is enhanced by our extensive experience with commercial special systems; which are typically much more complex.  In addition, when we provide our services the equipment we use is typically commercial grade and not consumer grade equipment.  This provides higher quality results in achieving the customers needs.